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Selling A Property

We're marketers, not estate agents

The key to maximising your property's value and speeding up the sale is to find the perfect buyer. We don't wait for them to walk through our door, though. Instead, we bring your home to the attention of as many people as possible We do so through the most comprehensive multi-channel campaign offered by any estate agent in the local area.

No two homes are the same and neither are any two sellers. That’s why we tailor every marketing plan to your property and your unique circumstances, so that we can deliver the result you’re looking for. That plan includes everything you’d expect from a traditional estate agent along with a raft of other features that only a hybrid agency like fisks is able to offer:

Sales Boards | Social Media
Property Portals | Virtual Tours
Property Details | Property Portal Accelerated Marketing
Mailing List | Video Walkthroughs and Drone Footage

Our approachable team are here to help

Our agents are always happy to take time out of their day to discuss the situation of anyone who walks through our doors. Indeed, some of our best and most loyal customers have come to us as a result of an impromptu chat.

There's no hard sell at Fisks. That's simply not our style. We prefer to be the agents you love working with, rather than the ones who add unwarranted stress to the proceedings. You're going to be seeing us a lot over the months of your sale, after all. Why not pick up the phone today and talk to us about your property?

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We make your home a sale

We won't give away the secret to successfully selling a home, but let's just say that a hard sell won't get you very far. Instead, we focus our efforts on tactics that work, like getting in front of the right buyers and presenting your home in the best possible light.

From meticulous, attentive staging to enticing property details and friendly, expert-led viewings, we won't just find the perfect buyer, we'll give them a unique warm and welcoming experience. They'll know within the first few minutes of stepping foot inside the property that your home is destined to become theirs.


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