Advice if your property isn’t selling

Advice if your property isn’t selling

When you first put your property on the market it’s easy to get over-excited - you were probably full of anticipation and assumed you’d get multiple viewings and an early offer. But, as weeks, or perhaps even months pass, your excitement plummets as the interest in your property isn’t what you anticipated. If this scenario sounds familiar, then read on to hear our possible reasons for this...
You chose the wrong estate agent
This is one of the most important factors why your property hasn’t sold yet. If you’re not choosing a local agent with years of experience then you could potentially be setting yourself up for failure instantly. Also, it is extremely important you get along with your chosen agent and they love your property as much as you do. 

You launched at the wrong time of year
Spring is traditionally the best time to sell your property, but there are “bad” months - months such as December slow dramatically thanks to buyer priorities changing due to the festive season. Ask your agent when’s the best time to sell in your area.

Your house isn’t ready for viewings
Ask yourself, “is my house ready for public viewing?”. If you’ve had viewings but no offers then perhaps you need to tidy up or de-clutter to show off the property’s full potential. Why not even give the whole place a fresh lick of paint to give it that showhome look? Be honest with yourself, see yourself as a buyer and not the owner - you’re there to sell the property, not make it your forever home.
Your photography is unflattering
Are the images taken by your estate agent dark or amateurish? If you’re struggling to even get viewings then this may be a contributing factor. The first thing your potential buyer sees are images of your property, and having unflattering photographs will deter buyers from viewing your property. Make sure your chosen agent produces good-quality photography to show your property off and highlight its great features.

You put it on the market at too high a price
Were you convinced by an eager agent saying you could get x amount for your property, or perhaps you had a high asking price in your head yourself? As with everything in life, price is important. Get the price right and you’ll get interest right away, but get it wrong, you could put off buyers instantly as soon as they see the price tag. You should always consider a number of factors when it comes to the asking price - consider things such as your property’s unique features, the price of other sold properties in your local area, and the state of the property market itself. Your chosen agent should answer all your questions on this subject. 

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