Tips for keeping your home cool

Tips for keeping your home cool

To make life more comfortable and sleeping a bit easier we’ve put together some tips for you to keep your homes cool without air conditioning.

1. Keep your blinds/curtains closed – According to the up to 30% of unwanted solar heat comes from your windows, so to avoid any heat coming in the best thing to do is to keep curtains closed.

2. Another good idea is to invest in some black out blinds/curtains. Not only do they aid you whilst sleeping as they will block out the early morning light but again, less heat will enter the room.

3. Using a fan and a large mixing bowl filled with ice will bring down the temperature in the room and create a misty breeze to cool the air.  Place the bowl, at a tilted angle in front of the fan and allow the fan to blow down into the bowl and fill your room with lovely cool air. (Top tip : use a metal bowl if you can.)

4. Bring down the temperature in the room and create a misty breeze to cool the air. Spray a sheet with cold water and use it to cover the window's opening. As the breeze passes through, the cold and damp sheet will cool it bringing in chilled air and further helping to reduce the temperature in your home.

5. Change your bed sheets to a cotton set, as cotton is a more breathable fabric opposed to others. This is the best choice for your bed sheets to keep you cool. The same can be said for your PJs. 

6. Buy a “chillow”- these pillow can be easily purchased on Amazon and many other websites. They have a cool gel to keep your head cool whilst you sleep.

7. Make your own cool water bottle, using a “hot” water bottle, fill this with water and place in the freezer. Once frozen, you can keep this at the end of your bed by your feet to keep you cool.

8.  Open your windows accordingly - Avoid allowing the heat and humidity inside the house during the day. Close the doors and windows during the day and open your windows in the evenings.

9. Avoid heat-generating activities such as baking in the oven or dishwashing during the day. Delay them for the evening. Try to use the grill if you have one or a BBQ.

10. Stay hydrated! This is really important! Try and remain hydrated all day and drink lots of water. Drink a big glass of water before you go to bed as this will make sure you are hydrated throughout the night.

We hope these tips can help you to stay cool, and enjoy the summer nights.

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