The ultimate upgrade to your cosy Christmas nights in

The ultimate upgrade to your cosy Christmas nights in

As the nights get colder and the days get shorter, coming home to a cosy home is all most of us want. What’s better than the warm glow of a happy home, with the smell of freshly cooked comforting food wafting from the kitchen? From chunky knit throws to faux fur cushions, there are a number of ways to create a warm and peaceful abode but only one way to finish it off.

To complete your living room look this Christmas nothing says festive more than a warming and welcoming fire. Whether you like to enjoy the soft glow of the flames while opening presents on the special day, or to gather around when entertaining family and friends over the holiday season, a stylish gas fire is sure to be the focal point of any seasonal living room.   

Not only stylish, a gas fire is also 50% cheaper to run when compared to using electric, so staying warm this winter will feel even better without having to worry about a large energy bill. With family life often taking over our lives, you’ll also be pleased to hear that the latest models are incredibly safe and are fitted with oxygen depletion sensors as standard to automatically turn the fire off if oxygen levels fall below safe levels - making gas fires ideal to warm the heart of family homes across the UK.

If your prefer the natural look, then make the most of soft tones that you would find in nature such as minimalist neutrals and beech wood. Choosing a sleek in-built gas fire, with a mantel surround to put a traditional twist on an otherwise modern look can be achieved with this design trend in mind. What’s more, this provides the perfect light and airy backdrop to pair festive golds and greens against, as well as being some of the best shades to reflect the warming glow of a gas fire against.

Grey continues to dominate interior lookbooks and it seems that it isn’t going anywhere fast in 2018. Using such colours alongside light and dark hues also adds a sophisticated touch to any living room. A statement black stove style gas fire brings the whole look together and what's more, you don't need to buy logs and there's no ash residue or odours, so you can sit back and get cosy this Christmas without worrying about any maintenance.

Modern gas fires are increasing in popularity adding the instant wow factor and ensuring that all eyes are on a striking focal point. Not only a great centrepiece at Christmas time, but a luxurious gas fire has all year round appeal. As some gas fires don't always require much work, creating an interesting open plan layout like this is more than achievable.

Whatever design you choose this winter, here’s to a warm and cosy December. For more information, head to 

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