Take some inspiration from your travels and revamp your interior this month

Take some inspiration from your travels and revamp your interior this month

This winter, bring the Mediterranean to your living room, become enthralled by the Far East and fall in love with far-flung destinations – without even going there.

Indian Inspirations - Take yourself on a healing Zen retreat in India with rich colours such as purple, pink and orange. Accessorize with deep prints and an abundance of throws and cushions for a true Asian interior. Create a cultural fusion in the home from heavy embroidery and Indian style patterns to burning candles and of course, don’t forget an elephant ornament. 

Highland happiness - Think woollen chunky knits, tartan, wooden slats and a heap load of faux fur. A highland inspired interior works well during winter so make the most of it this season. Opt for a checked sofa accessorised with warm red cushions and a regal green knit throw. Contrary to popular belief, wood doesn’t have to be cold and used to represent Scottish design can provoke a cosy space in any home.

Cool in the City - Exposed brickwork, industrial lighting and stainless steel accessories are characteristics of city living. If you’re lucky enough to live in a converted warehouse then this sleek, stylish way of living will come with ease however if your humble abode is more traditional, greys, blacks and white should be at the centre of your colour palette. Take a look at industrial style accessories such as wire baskets, copper furniture and of course concrete style items. 

Safari feels - With elegant animal prints you can take a journey through the jungle. People are wary of using prints in their home but it’s simple, animal prints should be used how they are in the wild – against natural colours. Be bold and accessorize your sofa with leopard print cushions, invest in gold and brown decorative features and remember you shouldn’t mix too many prints.

Feeling French - Famed for being effortlessly stylish, the French know a thing or two about creating brilliant room schemes.  Keep lines simple yet formal, regal designs and bold décor. A chandelier can be incorporated into any room, bringing a luxe and glamour wherever it is installed.

Coastal dreams - If you haven’t had time to visit the British coast this year then bring it to you. Simple woven rugs in taupe plus wicker baskets, chains of dainty shells and a pale blue palette will instantly add the sound of lapping waves to home life.

Mediterranean madness – Carry the holiday on all year round with a mix off cool blue tiles, white backgrounds and rustic wooden accessories for unmistakeable Mediterranean flavour. Combine with nautical accents and bright coloured towels for poolside charm in your very own bathroom.
So, how will you revamp your interior this month? The world is your oyster… If you are looking for your dream property or have any questions, then please get in touch and one of our experts will be more than happy to help.

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