Steps To Control your stress when buying

Steps To Control your stress when buying

If you’re a first-time buyer, or have plenty of experience, buying a home is often stressful and full of complications you didn’t expect. Your home will probably be the biggest financial investment of your life so it’s important to prepare for it so you don’t get over-stressed. Many things could go wrong during the buying process - your financing could fall through, another buyer could offer the seller a better deal, a home inspection could reveal a hidden problem. There will always be things you can’t control during the process - however, there are ways you can make the whole thing as stress-free as possible.


Know What You Want

Estate agents aren’t mind readers. Start your search by writing down all the essentials you need from your new home. Your estate agent will take all your wants on board and no doubt help them narrow down the search for you, saving you time, effort and stress. Consider things like how many  bedrooms and bathrooms you want, do you want a one-level or multi-level property, what area do you want to live in, are schools important to you...


Be Flexible

This is a big one - you must learn to be flexible. Don’t compromise on big requirements, but do understand that very rarely you’ll get all your boxes ticked. This is the harsh reality of house hunting. Prioritise your wants and needs to help you decide what you can and can’t live without.


Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Loan

It’s no secret, financing a property can be a serious headache. It’s advised to get a pre-approved mortgage before bidding on houses as this will avoid disappointment for you if you’re ineligible for financing. Plus, more and more sellers and agents only work with buyers with pre-approved mortgages, so get one as soon as possible. 


Listen to Your Real Estate Agent

Always listen to your estate agent. Their expertise and know-how are essential for making your move as smooth as possible. Don’t get caught up thinking you know better because you’ve read something online or heard Tom down the street saying otherwise. Remember, agents don’t get paid until the sale goes through, they have no reason to give you bad advice or sabotage the deal for you.


Save Enough Cash

Remember, the property price is not just the cost you have. There are plenty of other costs tagged on to the back of buying - appraisals and inspections are two worth mentioning. If you run out of money mid-deal, you may have to pull out.


Final Word

If you’re feeling stressed, take a moment and remember that it will all be worth it in the end. Take your estate agent’s help, educate yourself with the process, and prepare as much as possible. 

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