Keeping Your Home Warm And Costs Down

Keeping Your Home Warm And Costs Down

As gas and electric prices hit record highs, it’s time to start making small adjustments that will save you money on your bills. The following tips will help you keep costs down and your family warm during the cold weather months.


Get your boiler checked

Just because your boiler is working doesn’t mean it’s working efficiently. If your boiler is ageing and has seen better days then there’s a good chance that it’s costing you money. It’s recommended that you get your boiler serviced every 12 months to ensure it runs efficiently and safely.


Add extra layers

Sometimes small steps make a big difference. Simply just layering up on those cold days and nights could save you turning that heating on - and therefore, save you money. Keep an extra blanket at the end of the bed or on the sofa.


Update your thermostat

If you didn’t already know, a thermostat controls your home’s temperature by communicating with your boiler. In the same way as your boiler, your thermostat can degrade over time - this can lead to delays in your boiler switching on or your home being heated at much higher temperatures, which again can cost you money. A large number of modern thermostats can also be controlled from your mobile, to ensure your home is nice and warm when you arrive back home from a cold day out.


Fit a floating shelf above the radiators

To stop heat from rising up to the ceiling and being wasted, simply fit floating shelves above your radiators to help deflect that all important heat. Floating shelves are cheap and cheerful, look great, and will save you money in the long run. This tip is very important if your radiator is under a draughty window.


Draught-proof your windows

Speaking of draughty windows - it’s time to address them. Now, if you don’t have the money to replace them (we know how costly it can be), apply self-adhesive foam or rubber tape to the window frames instead. Self-adhesive foam tape can be bought from most DIY retailers and should stop any draughts from coming through your windows.


Draught-proof the letterbox

If you’re one of the few people who don’t have a second flap or ‘brushes’ in your letterbox, now’s the time to get one and stop any draughts.


Other QUICK tips...


  • Install a chimney balloon
  • Fill the floorboards with floorboard gap filler
  • Layer floors with rugs
  • Fit underlay before laying a carpet
  • Repoint any brickwork 


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