It’s Time To Shop Local

It’s Time To Shop Local

Now that Covid-19 restrictions have been eased once again, it’s time to start helping those businesses most affected. Beyond their size, small businesses are defined by their spirit and dreams of their owners, and it’s important to everyone we support them the best we can.



The first thing to do is shop local. Whether it’s food, clothing, or something else completely, you’ll be doing your part for your local community by shopping locally. Pick your local business or independent retailer before going to larger chains. If the reason you pick larger chains is because of delivery or pickup, fear not, many local and independent businesses now offer this service.



Instead of travelling into the big city with the family for the weekend, check what’s on locally. Nearby farms, museums, leisure centres, nature reserves and restaurants will all be grateful for your business. Just type “what’s on in my area” into your favourite internet search engine and you’ll have plenty of choice.



Never underestimate the power of a good review. Leaving a review for a local business on something like TripAdvisor or Google will grab the attention of other local people. A large majority of businesses will also be on social media too (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), so leave a review there also and spread the word even further.



Don’t be afraid to ask for gift cards at your local shops. These make perfect gifts for friends and family members if they are also local.


Swap out brands you’d normally buy for something made independently, such as local craft beers and honey.


This should go without saying, but avoid cancelling your plans at the last minute. Local pubs and restaurants need every bit of space they can get, and having a cancellation at the last minute could mean they’ve already turned away paying customers for you.


Try visiting your local farm shop if you have one. Going to the source for things such as eggs, fruit and vegetables will mean the world to them.


If we all do our part and help those struggling local businesses get back on their feet, we will all help create thriving town centres and communities for everyone to enjoy for years to come. Wherever you live, shop local!

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