How To Create A Stellar Curb Appeal

How To Create A Stellar Curb Appeal

If you’re selling your home (or anyone other property you own for that matter) then your focus should not be solely on the interior. The exterior is just as important and remember that is what buyers will see first so it should look good!

Actually, scratch that it shouldn’t just look good it should look great! This is what is known as curb appeal and if you want your home to attract buyers it should have curb appeal in spades! If you’re still not sure what curb appeal is and how you get it then don’t worry I’ll explain in more detail because it’s highly likely you’ve seen it before.

Have you ever gone past a house and thought that place looks nice? It could be because of a stylish garden or maybe the gates and front door are freshly painted and everything looks nice and tidy. If you have then that’s what curb appeal is all about it’s how your house looks from the street outside.

Now gardening lovers will have a big advantage when it comes to curb appeal because their home will likely already look nice from the outside. While the rest of us might have to get our hands dirty first. The good news is creating stellar curb appeal doesn’t have to cost a lot and it is often easier than you might think.


Creating Curb Appeal – The Basics

If you’re selling your home then you won’t want to spend loads of money making the exterior look nice will you? After all, it kind of defeats the purpose of actually selling your home but stellar curb appeal can be done on a budget. Let’s look at some simple and easy ways you can spruce up your home.


A Lick of Paint Goes A Long Way

One of the best ways to increase your curb appeal is giving things a fresh coat of paint. Is your front door or fence looking a little dull? Then give it a once over with some fresh paint it will go a long way towards creating a better first impression. It can be done in just a few hours and will instantly boost your curb appeal.


Fix Those Fittings

Garden fittings are exposed to the elements so don’t be surprised if they break down or get damaged over time. Yes, you might be OK putting up with a squeaky garden gate of a damaged door knocker but when you’re selling your home these kinds of things will understandably put sellers of a bit won’t they?

So, inspect your garden fixtures carefully and see what can be fixed or replaced. It could be as easier as adding some oil to the gate hinges or replacing a broken board in your fence. Fixing the finer details will be sure to boost your curb appeal so make sure everything is in working order before arranging viewings.


Neat and Tidy Grass

A once over with the lawnmower is going to help increase your curb appeal in a big way! Even people who have no interest in gardening aren’t going to think an overrun, unkempt garden looks good so be sure to give your grass a trim.


Don’t Forget The Windows

Your home's exterior isn’t just your garden is it? After all, you’ll have plenty of windows facing outdoors and these are sure to impact your curb appeal. So, make sure they are clean and tidy both indoors and outdoors. If you have curtains or blinds make sure they look neat and that the window frames are undamaged.


Add Some Plants

A little bit of greenery can go along way! If your garden is neat and tidy but as no plant life then it can look a little dull. It’s not bad curb appeal by any means but it will be a bit uninspired and boring so add a few plants and flowers around the place to make it more colourful.


The Front Door Is Key

The front door is the most important area when it comes to curb appeal! Make sure there’s no chipped paint or damage and if you have a wooden door then I’d strongly recommend giving it a fresh coat of paint.

You could even go for a more striking colour to really get buyers attention, while plastic doors should be thoroughly cleaned to return some of their lustre and don’t forget to give the letterbox a polish as well! 

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