How To Choose The Right Agent

How To Choose The Right Agent


When selecting an agent to help sell your home, there are 4 questions you need answering before you sign a contract:


Q1. How is the agent going to market your property?

A fundamental question. Presenting your property to the market is more than just adding a photograph and details to Rightmove – there are other portals available. Good photography is essential, and video is becoming more important, particularly during the current restrictions imposed by the Government on viewings to comply with the Covid-19 regulations. Thought should be given to how many photographs should be displayed and how often they should be changed. A dimension floor plan is now a must. How else is the agent going to bring your property to the attention of the right buyer? Are they just relying on Rightmove? 


Q2. What service levels will they guarantee?

The biggest complaint from consumers is a lack of communication once a contract has been signed with an agent. What level of communication are you looking for and does the agent understand this as a fundamental requirement?


Q3. What is the state of the market and how much is my property worth?

The market is forever changing, and your agent will be able to explain the difference between a buyer’s market, a seller’s market and a balanced market, and discuss with you the type of market that currently exists. Getting the price right on Day 1 is essential, as time and time again research has indicated that the new listing creates the most interest. The agent will be able to discuss with you comparable properties that have been sold. You will need to understand the difference between asking prices and sold prices.


Q4. How much do they charge?

Of course, the fee or commission that is agreed is important, but you must make sure there are no over-and-above terms to provide payment to the agent. As part of the contract, the length of your tied in period to that specific agent must be discussed. The overriding consideration should be the confidence you have with the agent in being able to produce for you the best possible price relating to money in your bank account on the sale, rather than the headline commission percentage.


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