Easy ways to achieve garden greatness

Easy ways to achieve garden greatness

As the weather really starts to hot up, don’t just drag your barbecues out, blow up the paddling pool and dust off the sun lounger.  Although all we simply want to do is soak up the sun as soon as it arrives, it’s really worth taking some time to get your garden in shape for the summer months.  Make sure your garden looks gorgeous for the time of year when it really becomes an extension of our indoor living space – another amazingly colourful room full of life for the whole family to enjoy.

Jenna Lowe, the woodcare specialist at Ronseal gives us her top summer garden jobs that are really worth taking the time to get done, so you can give your outdoor space the best chance of looking fantastic this season.

If the garden furniture is looking a little worse for wear and previous paint coats are peeling, don't rush to the shop to replace it, use Ronseal Garden Furniture Stripper. It strips back to bare wood in about 30 minutes creating a blank canvas so you can refresh those tired pieces of furniture with just about anything you like. Even better – why not explore local car boot sales and charity shops looking for garden pieces that need a new home?

Put some life back into the garden and add some colour to create that summer feeling. Ronseal Garden Paint is available in a range of 28 colours, just grab a paint brush and watch the garden transform. Why not allow the children to paint a piece of furniture each? It’s so easy to use that adults can rectify any jobs that need improving.

Protect sheds and fences from the weather, and stop them looking dreary and dull. Ronseal Fence Life Plus can be used on rough sawn and smooth planed wood and will protect the wood for up to five years. It's available in 11 colours, ranging from classic wood tones to more contemporary colours like Slate, Cornflower and Sage

Give decking a new lease of life with Ronseal Decking Rescue Paint. No need to waste time replacing decking, this paint will fill in small cracks and cover grey wood. A good clean and a couple of coats will leave decking looking as good as new.

Finally, remember to look after your lawn and plant a few colourful flowers. Remember summer is definitely the time of year to really kick back and indulge in what you really love doing in the garden whether that be cooking, playing, drawing, sunbathing… all of which is enhanced by the work you do to make it a special place to spend time.  The long days of light offer us the chance to really pick our own preferred hour to garden, whether that be 7am in the morning or 9pm at night.  Do it at a time when it permits you to prioritise what you enjoy the most.

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