BOOST your property’s kerb appeaL

BOOST your property’s kerb appeaL

If you didn’t know by now, first impressions count. That “WOW” factor is essential to turn heads. Growing plants is one of the most sure-fire ways to increase that all-important kerb appeal.


Height matters

Now is the time of year that sweet pea seeds can be sown outside - preferable in a pot with a wigwam to crawl up. You can easily construct your very own wigwam with bamboo and a bit of twine. This is cheap and cheerful but always looks shop-bought. Sweet peas are also great cut flowers, too - before showing off your amazing property, why not pop a few of them in a vase around your home to connect your outdoor and indoor spaces better.


Think again when thinking of dahlias and begonias

Even though they are fan favourites, summer flowers like dahlias and begonias don’t handle the cold weather very well, and therefore might not be your best choices when planting this time of year. If you want to plant them then keep them sheltered - pot them in the garden shed until the cold weather is out the way for good.



If you’re a landlord and looking for something that’s low maintenance, then look no further than daylilies. Beautiful, bright, and tough, these come in many different colours and look immediately at home along a pathway. If your new tenant doesn’t have a green thumb, these flowers will keep their kerb appeal with no effort needed.


For quick colour

This is the perfect time of year to start removing those dying (or dead) winter plants. While you’re cleaning up your garden beds and planting your new flowers, why not consider where you’d put things like hanging baskets and new garden pots. Next month, around mid-May, you should consider things that are easily removable if you’re planning to sell.


Filling that pot

When it comes to looking for plants for your pots, we’re all different, but we all probably want something tall, colourful, and attention-grabbing. Here’s how to plant a pot accordingly...



  • The Thriller


The thriller should bring the height - which is why ornamental grasses are often used here. This is a great opportunity to naturally set the theme and colour of the pot.



  • The Spiller


The spiller is something that cascades over the edges of the pot. Ivy or trailing begonia will make the whole display feel more bountiful and eye-catching.



  • The Filler


The filler’s aim is to fill out the display and cover any bare spots. Lobelia, petunia, and coleus are all great choices here. 

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