8 inspiring ideas for a statement wall to freshen your home in time for the indoor season

8 inspiring ideas for a statement wall to freshen your home in time for the indoor season

It's easy to overlook wall space next to a stairway or above a door, but often these spaces can look best when given some decorative flair. Interior design studio Casa Seven have come up with their favourite ideas just for you and your home this winter.

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper divides the crowds like Marmite, but it is the perfect way to add a bold aesthetic to a room, even if it's just one statement wall. Wallpaper is ideal in small spaces and if used in a clever way can make a room look bigger. If the room you're decorating needs a little warmth or playfulness added to it then choosing textured wallpaper or bold print is ideal. For a subtler look, use wallpaper behind shelves to add pattern to your accessories.

2. Statement mirrors

Perfect for stylish entryways, bathrooms and living spaces, mirrors can do wonders for a space. Not only do they create a feeling of expansiveness, but they also add style. Some people overlook the bathroom when thinking about decorative accessories, choosing function over design. However, there's no reason why you can't use a statement mirror here.

3. Gallery walls

A favourite for most homeowners, a gallery wall is a bit like a personal mood board for your wall. Choosing a mixture of frames can add an eclectic look, but if you prefer a more ordered style then pick frames that are exactly the same. A gallery wall is great for any space, on the wall behind the sofa, or above a statement sideboard. In the same way you can use pictures on a gallery wall, mirrors are a fun alternative.

4. Supersized art

Sometimes a wall is just asking for a giant piece of art. If you've chosen a neutral colour palette, choosing bold art can add a dramatic finishing touch. Oversized art can make a small room feel more expansive and add a focal point.

5. Empty frames

Leaving something to the imagination can be a powerful decorating idea and a mismatch of empty ornate picture frames does this.

6. Wood

Ideal for a Scandinavian or bohemian interior look, there's no end to the different ways wood can be used and styled as art at home.

7. DIY stencil walls

If you can't find the right wallpaper or art that you like, then why not create it yourself? A steady hand and patience always helps.

8. Library walls

Whether you fill an entire wall with a bookshelf, use books as wall art, or literally cover the walls in newspaper, a library wall can be very successful. Placing shelves above doorways is another great use of space as it lets you arrange the shelves at different heights, and use them for books and other decorative ornaments, creating some stylish storage as well as decoration.

Whatever design you choose, the great thing is you don't need a large space to achieve an inspiring wall. The wall is your oyster.

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